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I am an Australian, who lives in Sydney, New South Wales, but can sometimes be found with my family in Coffs Harbour. I study Civil engineering at the University of New South Wales. My primary hobby is writing free software, mainly computer games.

I decided to get a wikipedia account because I wanted to recieve some of the credit for what I was writing... having a dynamic IP address recorded just doesn't build my self esteem.

Stuff I started or wrote the majority of:

  • Virgin Blue is such as cool airline and I thought I should give it a nice, favorable writeup.
  • Total Annihilation whew! I put WAY too much effort into that one! (I was that guy who turned it from an opinionated stub to a lengthy treitise) But it is a cool game and it deserved it.
  • Cavedog The guys who made Total Annihilation, just to complete the TA thing
  • Total Annihilation: Kingdoms The sequal or prequal or something to TA, more of an essay about why it sucked like it did
  • ZZT and ZZT-oop a great old-school computer game by tim sweeney and its corresponding scripting language
  • Albert Namatjira A great australian painter and a pioneer of aboriginal rights, he deserved more than a five line biography
  • Realm of the Titans Chinese DOTA like game, first new game article I wrote since the early days of Wikipedia where there were links in red about things I knew about.