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This article is a mess -- is it about the institution or the building? Also, all of the information about one scholarly group's work on collecting, collating, and editing the Reichsakten is interesting, but also demonstrates a basic misunderstanding of research methods and the types of sources available to historians. JHK

Some questions:

  • when was it built?
  • who was its architect?
  • what was its first purpose?
  • fire in 1933?
  • when was it rebuilt?
  • with whom as architect?
  • what was added?
  • wrapping by christo?

2002-04-27 I split the page up and added a lot about the history of the institution. Will work on the building next; I hope to be able add some pictures too. :-) djmutex

Seperation of Concepts[edit]

I propose a new article be created for the Reichstag during the Nazi Period. There are already separate articles for the Holy Roman Empire, German Empire, and Weimar government. The NS Reichstag is clearly a different body. In addition, it is currently officially listed in the German Empire article, but the photos and details are mainly in the Weimar article, which is not only confusing but out of historical sequence. The articles should flow in the following way, as they do in the German Wikipedia. The addition of the Austrian and Bund periods is a smaller but important distinction that can wait until the Weimer, Empire, and Nazi content is appropriately sorted out. When done, this page would then look something like this:

  • Reichstag (legislative body)
    • Reichstag (Holy Roman Empire) 754–1806
    • Reichstag (North German Confederation) 1867-1871
    • Reichstag (Austria) 1848-48
    • Reichstag (German Empire) 1871–1918
    • Reichstag (Weimar Republic) 1919–1933
    • Reichstag (Nazi Germany) 1933–1945
  • Reichstag (building)
    • etc....

--- Ultracobalt (talk) 23:15, 22 February 2012 (UTC)