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The term town is used in the U.S. state of Wisconsin in the same way as the term township is used in many other states. Towns are unincorporated minor civil divisions of counties. Wisconsin has 1,266 towns, which govern all parts of the state that are not included within the corporate boundaries of cities and villages. Colloquially, the terms "town" and "township" are often used interchangeably in Wisconsin. The words are not identical, however. The word "town" denotes a unit of government while "township" is a surveyor's term describing the basic grid framework for legal descriptions of all land in the state (including land in cities and villages). Townships are six mile by six mile squares (36 square miles), with some variation caused by natural and man-made boundaries (rivers and county lines, for example). In the southern part of the state, civil towns are often coterminous with townships, however in the less sparsely populated northern part of the state, towns may encompass several townships. Annexation of town lands into cities and villages has eroded some towns to a fraction of their original size. Frequently a village or city may have the same name as a town. As of 2002 there are 1,266 towns, some sharing the same name. See List of towns in Wisconsin, and political subdivisions of Wisconsin for more information.


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